Himalaya is digitally controlled using Helo’s Midi controller. The stylish control unit can be installed inside the sauna room.
The Himalaya heater is meant for sauna cabins measuring from 5-15 square meters.
I love that this modern heater conceals a water container, producing a steam that gives my skin an all day lasting-glow.



The substantial Himalaya gently heats your sauna to comfortable temperatures.


I prefer a relatively high steam output, for a pleasant every day sauna experience.


The mid to high level heating capacity provides a perfect sauna bath.

Johanna’s tips


Some say I’m a coolhunter,
and I guess they have a point.

I like to stay on the edge of things, easily bored I’m always looking for the next new thing to thrill my senses. Right now I’m passionate about Sauna Yoga. It forms a crucial part of my daily health and beauty routine, adding a sense of mindfulness to my busy life.

I’m very influenced by the 80’s aesthetics. To me the Kokoro Aspen range is the perfect combination of cool looks and convenience, the wide lower benches providing plenty of space for my yoga. Sauna Yoga is performed sitting in a temperature of 50-55 degrees. My Himalaya Heater gives just the right type of soft and steamy heat. It softens my muscles and cleanses my skin, while the ancient yoga motions helps clearing my mind and spirit. An hour of sauna yoga in the morning keeps me alert, on my toes, and ready to take on my next adventure.

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Why I chose the
Kokoro range

When it comes to interior design I’m a firm believer in keeping things cool and functional at the same time. Add a bit of that eighties vibe as well and I feel right at home. As for my sauna, I’m in love with my sleek Kokoro benches.

Since my sauna doubles as a space for exercise and yoga, I really love the wide lower benches of the Kokoro range. For the same reason, I chose not to go for any upper benches, but instead to use moveable Kokoro stools that are flexible and allow plenty of room for stretching out.

One feature that I absolutely adore is my infrared panels in grey glass. The radiating heat really complements the sauna experience, working miracles on sore muscles and tense shoulders.  


Last weekend I had friends over from New Zealand. Although they were slightly apprehensive at first, soon we were all laughing and sweating, enjoying a traditional finnish sauna together. A warm welcome indeed.

Sunday we spent in the Helsinki Design District - a unique shopping experience comprising 25 streets and more than 200 design spots ranging from art galleries and antique shops to fashion stores and restaurants.

After dinner we headed for the Korjaamo Culture Factory, one of the biggest independent cultural centers in the Nordic region. This evening sealed the deal - now my friends are just as much in love with Finland as I am.

11:00Met my new muse today
13:47Great interview for my blog today

Sauna-time is me-time

I'm passionate about a lot of things. Great design for one gives me goosebumps. As for my sauna time, it's all about my Himalaya.