There are a number of options to control the settings of the Cava heater. I chose the Cava for reasons of simplicity.
45 kilos of solid rock ensures an even heat and steam distribution as well as acting as effective heat storage for energy efficiency.
The outer stainless steel skin of the Cava heater is both hardwearing and stylish wrapped into one. Who says beauty can’t be skin deep?



A perfect heater and ideal compromise combining efficiency and performance.


Cava produces mid to high steam levels, assuring a balmy and immersing sauna.


Cava is ideal if you prefer a medium heat sauna experience. I like it just right.

Markus’s tips

My top 5 gadgets


I embrace the geek in me through my Trace action sports tracker. The head unit is tiny and weighs all but 1.4 ounces and has the ability to track and measure the sweetest moves either on the surfboard, while skiing or snowboarding. It measures speed, distance, turns, vertical, airtime etc.


This is a device that I carry with me almost everywhere. Sure, taking pictures and sharing on Instagram or Facebook is great, but I often find myself in situations that are just too exciting, weird or scary to capture with a camera. With my GoPro Hero4 I can capture a whole setting, vibe and situation. Quickly edit and perhaps add music and then either share with whomever or just save it for my own pleasure. Everyone should own one.

Jawbone Up

I wouldn’t say that it is a lifesaver, but it sure helps me being aware of my physical activity in order to stay fit and healthy – and hopefully last longer. The Jawbone is a smart and convenient fitness tracker that keeps tabs on my diet, exercise and sleep patterns. I like my gadgets, and the Jawbone fits the bill perfectly.

LG Home Chat

I’m a family man, progressive and modern in my ways, but can’t help clamoring for the ultimate man cave solution – a wireless check on the beer status of the fridge. With LG Home Chat, you can text your fridge, which will diligently tell you how many beers are left for you to consume. But you still have to get someone to get it for you. With LG Home Chat, you can of course also tell your robotic vacuum cleaner to get going on tidying up, as well as tell your washer to run the cycle.

Bose in ear noise
cancelling headphones

Since I do like the act of reducing the noise
around me, I have found a great pair of
earbuds with noise cancelling abilities that rival
most of the big and cumbersome headsets out
there. The Bose Quiet Comfort 20i
Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones
are my choice when travelling,
doing sports or just relaxing.

11:00Great gadget reviews in today’s paper
12:30new operating system. It’s super fast.

Personal Space,
get yours

I am an introspective and find ideas and solutions through meticulous preparation. Based on my meticulous ways. I am a very driven person, but I am a firm believer in tuning out and withdraw from the noise. It is my way of reflecting and appreciate my own achievements. Every day contains small victories. I’m aware of them. I value them and use them as a way to reward myself.

I fell for the simplicity and minimalism of the Linea range. I find that the design creates a relaxing atmosphere and a high level of comfort. My body is a finely tuned and extremely versatile instrument. I use it to its full capacity, but let it recharge in the tranquility of my sauna. The feel of craftsmanship, and the flexibility of the Linea range allow me to get tailor-made solutions for a perfect result. The stainless steel Cava heater integrates perfectly into the overall aesthetics of my Linea sauna.

Energy efficiency – at the top
of my list

Design Perfection

I chose Helo as the sauna supplier for my home thanks to their continuous work on improving the quality of their products as well as the customer experience. In my opinion, Helo puts in significant effort in creating designs that are highly functional, efficient and last but not least easy on the eye.


We promote energy-saving use in the information provided with our products. In 2000, Helo Ltd was granted an ISO 14001 certificate for its environmental management systems.

11:00Great gadget reviews in today’s paper
12:30new operating system. It’s super fast.

It's optimized re-charging

My life is all about optimizing. Everything. I'm a techie and I love it. But I realize the importance of enjoying the moment. My Cava heater is the instrument that makes it all fall into place.